Budhist of Peace

UNPKFC was born in Thailand is the Budha Land where Buddha teaches the love of peace. love for fellow human beings. History records that Thailand was never colonized and colonized. never fought. never hostile to other countries. From this history, Thailand deserves to be an example in the Peace mission Movement called UN Peacekeeping. So UNPKFC is an example of UN Peacekeeping which operates without firearms. but brings love to fellow human beings. Because the United Nations was founded with the aim of stopping wars and creating peace without firearms. If we use automatic firearms fishing to cause war. this is inconsistent with the United Nations vision and mission for peace without firearms. UNPKFC S.E.A is here not to need firearms, but requires love for fellow humans in a peace mission. UNPKFC S.E. A changed the UN Peacekeeping maindset to bring Love on the mission of peace. not carrying firearms on a peace mission.

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