Humanitarian Aid for Donation Fight Covid 19

Humanitarian Event by UNPKFC SEA “Distribution of Sanitizers Alcohol, Gels & Face Masks” UNPKFC SEA headed by Datu Dr.Aphinita Chaichana hosted the distribution of 5,000 sets of Sanitizers Alcohol and Gels and 10,000 Face Masks to the 5 Governmental Institutions of Thailand on Monday 15 March 2021 at Samut Prakan Province, Thailand. Representing the Governmental Agencies are HE ML Sonthornchai Jayankula Secretariat ofthe Cabinet Ministry of Interior, Mr.Sumeth Teetaniti, Deputy Provincial Governor of Samut Prakan and Mr.Sornpomsak Suwannaprung Consultant Inspector, Office of the Prime Minister. , Dr. Lye Ket Yong​and​ Dr.Sathit​ Kumar​ the Senior Director of UNPKFC.

The five Governmental Agencies recipients are; The Permanent Secretary-Office of the Prime Minister, Samut Prakan Central Prison, Dept. of Corrections, National Department of Probation, Legal Execution Department, Department of Juve8nile Observation and Protection, and Baan Karuna-House of Compassion. Much appreciation and thanks to our main sponsor “Vega Natural Co. Ltd.” for their kind support.

“These initiatives and donations are targeted towards the poor and vulnerable communities, young children and youth, in support of the Government of Thailand’s efforts to contain and control the Covid-19 pandemic” said Datu Dr. Aphinita Chaichana who is the Program Organizer.

Mr. Sumeth Teeraniti also chaired a Meeting with Executives from UNPKFC and Representative from the 5 Governmental Agencies with Agenda on goodwill, joining hands with NGOs to collaborate and finding ways to help in the rehabilitation program of these Institutions for the benefits of these. prisoners and juveniles si that they can be successfully accepted into Society upon their release.

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