We are UNPKFC SEA who always uphold the United Nations Mission. Nothing can hinder our steps to carry out the humanitarian and peace mission of the United Nations- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because we love peace and humanity. Our foundation is the soul of the United Nations, UN for children, UN for poor people, UN for people who get justice, UN for Free Human beings without discrimination. 

There is no place in the United Nations for greedy people, not human corruption, not human criminals, no stopping human rights, no exploitation etc. The founders of the UN created the United Nations for Peace and End War. The UN symbol is Peace. UNPKFC SEA holds the UN symbol is Peace. In essence, the United Nations is not for personal gain, not for doing business, not for politics, not for exploitation, not for discrimination. etc

Budhist of Peace

UNPKFC was born in Thailand is the Budha Land where Buddha teaches the love of peace. love for fellow human beings. History records that Thailand was never colonized and colonized. never fought. never hostile to other countries. From this history, Thailand deserves to be an example in the Peace mission Movement called UN Peacekeeping. SoContinue reading “Budhist of Peace”

“Sustainable Development Goals No. 14” (SDGs 14)

United Nations Peacekeeping Forces Council Southeast Asia (UNPKFC S.E.A) arranged a project named “Sustainable Development Goals No. 14” (SDGs 14) in Sattahip, Chonburi. Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, the Global Commander in Chief of UNPKFC-S.E.A and the Director of Aisp-Spia (Thailand) in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Interior, Royal Thai Police,Continue reading ““Sustainable Development Goals No. 14” (SDGs 14)”

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